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Case Study: Meijiasong Supermarket App


The client is an online supermarket and this product is for mobile device, with which user can view the promotion, product category and purchase on their mobile phone. Also, user can scan the bar code to find the same purchased product, purchase online and deliver to the home. This project is the redeveloped App for client’s online store.


• Product Display ;

• Order management, handling the orders with different status;

• Support online payment;

• Support search product by bar code scanning


  • Use hybrid method to build APP;
  • Product view, search and display are based on HTML5 & CSS3;
  • While use native for bar code scanning and App framework for performance and maintenance


1. The display issue for different mobile device and browsers;

2. Performance of bar code scanning. Some bar code of the product is difficult to recognize, then we optimized the algorithm for this part;

3. Handle the third party API

What client got

1. Raised the Repeat rate of consumption for the supermarket

2. More user-friendly, like by scanning bar code of the packing, user can fast access the given product and purchase.