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Case Study: Build App Base on Xamarin


Client want us to develop a mobile payment application software through encrypted transmission, mobile authentication security system, so that customers can use anywhere, anytime on phone. payments, transfers, credit card payments and other functions.


Customer want to deploy this application on both IOS and Android.


Technology required

  • Xamarin,Xamarin.Forms
  • .Net Framework 4.0,>=iOS6.0,>=Android4.0
  • Mac OS 10
  • XCode 5

System Architecture

  • In the first place, we helped the client release the 1.0 version.
  • Using MVVM code structure, making the Model and ViewModel can be reused across various platforms, and is conducive to teamwork and system maintenance.

Challenges of the development process

Challenge Solution
Unified Style in Android & Ios We defined common font,color,Padding for Xamarin.ios, Xamarin.Android.
click event for many controls. add click extension for each view
Custom Font load issue We use label, entry from a base c# class, and write label renderer, entry renderer.we loaded custom fonts in each renderer
Intergration Zxing We defined a Zxing Scaner interface, and implemented it in each specific platform and injected it to IOC container.
Compatible screen size with several different screen We write specific size using Device.Onplatform();

Screen Shots