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Case Study: House Rent App


To rent a house, normally one would search the information online and call the landlord, or to look at the Ad spotted in the city and call the landlord. As the tech develops and the smartphone popularizes, using phone is not the only way to contact landlord.The contact way for house rent is gradually changing.


• User Management: including user login, register, password regain and so on;

• House Management: House publish, Search

• Information Center: Personal information, alarm and so on


1. The system is a full set of mobile solution. Its frontend adopts the hybrid of native UI and HTML5 Webto make a user-friendly UI and easy to maintain information.

2. The backend is based on ASP.NET Web API and MS SQL


1 . APP UI Design, User Experience;

2. Picture processing. The information for each house contains many pictures. So it is a challenge to reduce the traffic consumption and to improve the performance for picture loading.

Screen Shots