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Case Study: RD SALES APP


This mobile RD SALES for iPad can demonstrate the location, the surrounding buildings, the 3D panorama, the decoration details and etc., so client can have a comprehensive knowledge for the house before buying it.

The functional of the RD SALES APP is powerful and easy to operate. You can view all around, experience space navigation, play trailer, scan E-Real estate and others by clicking which can give customer more confidence to buy the houses.


• To build the network of customer relationship, to manage the group of enterprise-level client as a whole, cultivate the brilliant CMS.

• Easy to manage and handle the purchase order in time;

• Track and query the sale process any time;

• Record customer’s information and requirement


The system is a full set of solution for mobile device, and supports online and offline two working models for iPad and the system backend. Thus, SQLite DB is adopted for the frontend synchronization when online, and ASP.NET & MS SQL for backend. The frontend has very good performance due to the native UI built.


1. How to fast enter in iPad?

2. How to sync the data?

  • The amount of user and real estate information is large, while the operation on iPad is quite limited. So, for user to enter the information smoothly in a short time, we synchronized many dictionaries into iPad, thus the majority of the work that user needs to do is just to choose.
  • When system discovers the WIFI, it will connect the server and start synchronizing, managing the data version, incremental synchronization for acceleration.

What client got

1. This platform implemented the client’s requirement and meets the expectation., and the client is very satisfied;

2. With online and offline two models, this app greatly helped expand client’s main business


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