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Case Study: Patrol App for High Way


Client is the patrol department on highway. They need to patrol on highway, and take photos of accidents, record it, and enter the information into the management system when they return to base. The App can help them complete the work more efficiently.


• Automatically locate the current user and record the GPS;

• Display the route of highway;

• User can fill the accident report by themselves and can send the feedback


To pre-install the road section dictionary into APP DB for the user to fast input when he/she is out of doors;

Use SQLite cache to store the data user input and sync when back to base, as there might be no internet connection outside;

Adopt Gaode map for GPS positioning.


1. To modify the accuracy for GPS;

2. How to help user fast input

What client got

1. Improved the response speed, as the report from patrol stuff can be queried any time, instead of inputting after back to the office;

2. Improved the working efficiency;

3. The information can be stored longer in the server, which avoids the missing of the manual.