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Case Study: Guide App for Exhibition Hall


The internal of the hall contains several floors ’cubical spaces, each of which has different features, so the visitor is easy to get lost. To help visitor locate and provide guiding service, reduce the workload of Hall stuff, the client want a Guiding App.


• The visitor can get the map of the floor and the location notice from different floor and location;

• The map for inner Hall can be displayed clearly. It can be zoomed in and out;

• Display the recommended souvenirs, and can do the personalized recomendation by user’s browsing history;


As the Hall is cubical and with multi-floored structure; besides the map of each floor is different. so it cannot be located by GPS. Our solution is that we put several QR codes in the key locations of each floor, then visitor can be located by scanning the QR code, and then the app displays the content of the hall, and the souvenir as well.

For the frontend, we use the hybrid method of native UI and HTML5 & CSS, while backend is implemented with ASP.NET WEB API & MS SQL.


1. We initially planned to locate by GPS, but the accuracy is not good enough in such a small space;

2. The QR code needs to cover the whole pavilion, while it should not be overmuch.

What client got

1. The exhibition hall changes with times, it realized the concept of Internet Plus.

2. The visitor can do self-guide, being aware of his location and course easily and clearly;

3. It reduced the stuff’s workload and improved the service quality.