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Case Study: Bookstore APP


E-reading is more and more popular nowadays, so based on the offline bookstore, the client want to expand his online bookstore. In this way, user can submit and read online at any time, at a lower price.


• Support ePub, PDF file;

• Comfortable UI to meet long-time reading;

• Support night model;

• Smart bookmark, which can quickly direct the reader to the last position of the article;

• Online payment function for self-purchase;

• Offline-reading model


Based on our own mobile framework to develop;

ePub parser

Pdf passer

Xamarin + SQLite + RestClient


1. ePub parser;

2. Pdf passer;

What client got

1. 1. It expanded client’s sales channel and attracted the customers who have the online reading habit;

2. Improved the reading experience so to gained more fame among the readers;

3. Compared with the printed book, the procedure from searching, purchasing and reading has been greatly shortened. And it saves a great number of paer sheets.