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Case Study: Web Development with Sitefinity


The customer is a professional network service provider, who wishes to develop an e-business service website. He provided us with business data tables, storyboards and some basic design (PSD format). We did sufficient analysis on those given materials, implemented the relative business logic and UI, and then integrated into a Sitefinity CMS website.

Team and project management

This project required about 3500 man hours' work. To meet the tight timeline of 10 months, Nova Software assembled a team consisting of one project manager, 3 developers and one senior tester. We informed the customer of our progress and cost on both daily and weekly basis. We also deployed what had been done every two weeks to the client's server so that it was very easy for the client to manage his project, and gave him a clear mind of how things were going.

Why Sitefinity

  • Sitefinity offers a complete set of out-of-the-box tools. This enables developers to build rich web-applications in a much shorter time than building every single module seperately.
  • Sitefinity is designed with flexibility and extensibility in order to give developers the freedom of integrating legacy applications or using custom 3rd party controls and modules.
  • Powerful and easy to use APIs

    There is no part of Sitefinity that can't be accessed through its API. Sitefinity also includes a RESTful API built on WCF services. These web services ensure that external applications can be readily integrated with Sitefinity.

  • Intuitive UI that empowers end users

    Sitefinity provides efficient marketing and content-editing tools empowering end users to take full control of the content authoring and publishing process. And last but not least, the WYSIWYG editor provided confidence in editing.


Technology Required

System Architecture

System Architecture


According to the business logic tables provided by the customer, we took Entity Framework tools to implement the data querying and storing work. This is easier to read/write data, added the unit-testing.

Master Page & Layout

In view of the diversity of its page layouts, we designed a basic template for the customer. Users can combine Sitefinity templates and dynamic layouts to derive out lots of page layouts. This made the system more flexible to be extended; also it deduced the work amount for the project.

Module & Designer

We implemented over 80 reusable Sitefinity modules for various business logics. The customer can build web pages flexibly with ease through these modules. Also we developed easy-to-use module designers to help users set those modules online.

Benefits to the Client

  • We help the customer develop the front end and back end features, so that he can focus on collecting the business logic.
  • We take the advantages of Sitefinity CMS into the developing work, and have considerably shortened development cycle, thus we save more costs for the customer.
  • At last the customer has gotten the site to meet their requirements. The customer was satisfied with our service.

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