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Case Study: Troubleshooting System


  • Joomla Customization
  • Joomla Plugin Customization
  • Workflow


As an hardware multinational corporation, the client needs to add a Troubleshooting System to their website for their users from all over the world. Utilizing the concept of Workflow, this troubleshooting system can not only configure and extend easily, but also smartly help users troubleshoot and solve hardware problems.


It’s a PHP based module that will be installed on a Joomla site.

The intent of this module is to allow our troubleshooting section to be updated via a spreadsheet (or some other database upload). This will allow non-web admins to monitor and revise the troubleshooting flows as needed and then upload a revised spreadsheet on an as needed basis. The module will generate different flow to help the visitor to troubleshoot their devices. Each flow will take them through a trial and error process to determine whether the issue can be fixed on the users end or the product will need to be returned for repair.

Technology Required


  • Welcome Page

Welcome Page

  • Issue List

Issue List

  • Workflow


  • Problem Solved

Problem Solved

Benefits to the Client

  • From start to end, we always quick responded to client and helped the client to solve the issues in design and deployment, and got the praise from her.
  • Via multiple iterative submitting by functions, the customer can get and check the latest completed functions at all times, and give us feedback so that we are able to quickly fix and improve the issues. This increased the development efficiency and quality
  • Due to cost advantage of Nova compared with local development company, the client saved lots of development cost and time