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Case Study: Service management system for a therapeutic treatments company

Project Background

Scattering in major cities of Australia, our client is one of the most well-known therapeutic treatments chain shops in Australia.

The client already has a WordPress website to demonstrate service. To meet the growing business, the client needs a few more complex functions:

  • Order booking and vouchers
  • Payment processing
  • Office automation


  • User role management. Based on ACI of CakePHP, the system can create different user role and each user can only visit the view that is tailored for him/her.
  • When booking a service, the user could choose the location, treatment and practitioner based on his/her preference. The user could pay via Paypal.
  • Practitioners could check the reservation and make their work plan using the integrated scheduling system.
  • OA. The system supports detail queries by booking price or booking client. Practitioners could look up for all history treatments of the customers and print the treatments notices into a spreadsheet.



Practitioner management

Order booking



Booking history and export to speadsheet

Online booking

Payment system



  • Apache
  • PHP
  • Js(canvas)
  • Jquery
  • Cakephp 2.x
  • MVC

System Architecture

Based on the MVC framework of CakePHP, the system well meets the requirements of flexible customization and expendability. The client is satisfaied with the smooth user experience, good responsiveness and robust performance.