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Case Study: PhoneGap Plan Management App


A Norwegian client engaged Nova to develop a mobile product for plan management purpose. This application interacts with an existing CMS website and manipulates data via web service.


The client is desirous to make the application work in different platforms, such as Android, iOS , WindowsPhone. This cross-platform application should include the functions such as a native-like UI, manipulating remote data, taking picture from both camera and photo library, saving configuration locally, uploading files and so on.



Development Methodologies:


The client requested us delivery the application in a short time with limited budget, and the application should work on iOS, Android and WindowsPhone. PhoneGap is the best choice for this application as it really makes "write one, runs everywhere". Click here to learn more about our PhoneGap development service.

jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is a popular Javascript & UI library for mobile applications. It has a complete set of themes and widgets, which saves us much time during development. PhoneGap + jQuery Mobile is now a very popular combination for mobile application developers.

PhoneGap Cloud Build

PhoneGap official website provides a build service that can build html+javascript+css into a native application for different platforms. With this service, one doesn’t need to build the source code many times for different platforms.

.NET Web service

On the server side, we used .NET webservice to provide the data access API. The service methods return JSON objects to the mobile application side.