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Android 2.3+
Levels 1 - 100 are all available for this demo version.
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Levels 1 - 100 are all available for this demo version. For iPhone & iPad.
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PhoneGap Skills Involved:

Pages navigaton, list, icons, busy indicator, SQLite, scroll, dialog, fixed-header, custom touch, custom theme, performance, in-app browser, etc.


HelplessMaze is a maze game powered by Nova PhoneGap Framework. You will definitely feel helpless when you play it. You don't know how large the map is, you don't know what's around of you. The key point to win is NEVER LOSE HOPE. Only hope can save one's life when he/she is in a real maze.

Difficulty from level 1 to 10 increases, but after level 10, the difficulty is randomized, which means the map can be very large or very small.

How to play?
  • Choose a level, e.g. level 5;
  • You are now at the start point of the maze. The start cell is in pink and watermarked text "start".
  • Tap left, right, top, bottom to move to a new cell;
  • The black cells are walls where you cannot go through;
  • When you move into the exit cell (green, watermarked "exit") , you win.
  • Click on the level label on the top-left to see your history data of the level. When you give up a level, this play will be recorded in red.
  • Every time you enter a level, the level is remembered as "quick start".