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Case Study: nopCommerce Roast Duck Ordering System


Roast Duck Ordering System (Abbr: RDO System) is a multi-stores system which can be used to order food both by takeaway or delivery business. RDO System prepares and sells high quality products, and our main product is whole roasts, which are sold in pieces down to a size for two persons. RDO System also has menus where the minimum is an order for 4 persons of the same dish and also has buffets where the minimum is 10 persons. And we have product for 1 person as well.

Highlight of this case study

  • It has extended the multi-stores function of nopCommerce.
  • It centers on chain stores that provide delivery/takeaway service.
  • Phone order features supported.
  • Open/close delivery/takeaway online function.
  • Store takeaway/delivery closing dates setting.
  • Takeaway/delivery service time setting according to weekday.
  • Delivery closing dates setting based on store closing dates setting according to district which is a set of places that distincted by postcode.
  • Food sets: Buffet A set, Buffet B set, Family Dinner set, Build yourself Buffet set, Easy Box set.
  • Cost of freight calculated by distance (according to latitude and longitude).
  • Cost of freight calculated by postcode.
  • Staff role.
  • Special price start date/time and end date/time.
  • Delay for the delivery times.
  • Play sound every minute if there is an unprinted order.


  • Multi Store.
  • Shipping module (By zip code or by distance).
  • Printing orders.
  • "Lock" the shop to either delivery or takeaway.
  • Opening times set by date (delivery / takeaway).
  • Delay for the delivery times.
  • Delivery time on products.
  • Special price start date/time and end date/time.
  • Ability to choose selling days and times.
  • Ability to choose showing days and times.
  • Remind if there is an unprinted order.


Technology Required

System Architecture

nopCommerce ordering structures

Some screen shots

nopCommerce ordering products

nopCommerce ordering cart

nopCommerce ordering admin

nopCommerce ordering print

Why Nova and Benefit to Client

  • Rapid completion. We complete the whole job even if it has complex business logic. In order to let our client get the product as soon as possible, we take the agile approach to develop this website.
  • High quality. We sent daily report to let the customer know the process and what is going on. We also send weekly report to summarize the completed functions in that week and the detail plan of the next week. We deployed a site for testing, so that we can get feedbacks from customer quickly. And then we do some adjustments according to the feedbacks as soon as possible. The system is stable and easy to be extended and maintained. It gives the costumer the best experience.
  • Efficient. We separate relatively independent modules and convert them into user controls, which makes it easy to work out a specific page through quoting and is beneficial to modify and reuse.
  • High extendibility. Ajax was adopted for validation and submission during the checkout process, so the shopping cart can be easily transplanted to other sites.
  • Experienced. Everyone in our group is experienced in this field.
  • Protection. We are a company.
  • Economical. Comparing with local related development, the client saved 60%.