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Case Study: Migration from ASP to ASP.NET


A UK based software company engaged Nova to migrate and upgrade their ASP website to ASP.NET website with additionally added features. Complying with the client's requirements, Nova delivered website with better designed architecture, and strengthened the extensibility, maintainability, and security of the website to enhance its performance in the long term.


Based in UK, the client is the leading software supplier specializing in the key areas of Properties, Assets, Facilities and Estates.

The client intended to migrate and upgrade the current ASP website to ASP.NET website. At the same time, our team was requested to implement a series of enhancements for the new website, such as the optimization of code structure, security enhancement and conformability with international development standard. In addition to these enhancements, the expansibility of the future website was also a crucial requirement.


The team endeavored to learn new technologies and relevant international standard, ensuring that the development quality could totally meet client's satisfaction. As the former specification was missing, our team had to spend quite a long period reviewing corresponding code. Consecutive communications with the client was also conducted back and forth for a number of times to achieve same understandings on every piece of requirements. We started coding as soon as we got the client's approval on the architecture design.

Benefits to the client

  • The former website was successfully upgraded
  • The current website provides more abundant features.
  • The Extensibility, Maintainability, Security of the website have been largely enhanced.