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Case Study: Futures Exchange Base on Silverlight


The client of this software product is an American company dealing with futures exchange. In order to informationize the management in futures market, the client requires us to develop a set of management software for futures exchange based on Silverlight.


Implement dragging and dropping as well as matching functions through Silverlight.

The records of successful matching can automatically update and flash in a highlighted way.

Through Silverlight and WCF, the event callback (Duplex Service telephony) can be implemented. When there is a successful match, it can automatically inform the bidders and bid inviters.


This is a futures exchange system, mainly including market management, market information browse, product bid, product quotation, product bid match etc.

Market Management: the system supports self-definition of market information. Users can add a new market information type via market management module.

Market Information Browse: all market types spread on the page. Meanwhile, on each market section, there are three records displayed: the latest marching records, the highest bid as well as the highest quotation.

Product Bid: by using this function, users can add new bidding information, which must include such information as specific market category, planned transaction volume, planned transaction prices as well as specific customers.

Product Quotation: users can add new quotation information, which must include the following information: specific market category anticipated transaction volume as well as anticipated transaction prices.

Product Bid Match: quotation inviters of the products can choose suitable bidders and realize matching through system operation. At the same time, the system will automatically detect the quotation inviters and bidders. It can send prompt message respectively to them if they are online.

Screen Shots


Technology required

  • Silverlight 4
  • Prism (MVVM)
  • Duplex Service
  • WCF
  • .Net Framework4.0
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Visual Studio 2010

Benefits to the Client

  • We develop all frontend and backend functionalities for the client so that he/she can focus on the collection of business logics.
  • We send to the clients daily and weekly report, indicating our progress and time we spend on each task. Thus, the client knows how the project is going and can manage the project in an easier and more efficient manner.
  • All the functions we develop have passed both self-testing and integration testing, which has guaranteed the project quality. And our client is very satisfied with our high-quality project.
  • The system developed by us has won more end customers and therefore brought more profit for our client.