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Case Study: Flash Map Project


An outstanding flash can bring the website or a B/S project to a higher level on user experience. A US client, a web studio wanted us to implement their design using Flash.

They wanted to use a flash animation as a navigator in one of their projects. The design was similar with the Album viewer of iPod. When the mouse point moves to a thumbnail, this thumbnail will become bigger, the others will become smaller. When click on each thumbnail, the description of the thumbnail will appear.


Technologies: Flash & JavaScript

  • The client wanted the pop-up description to cover the whole page. In the mean time, the Flash navigator's width was only a part of the page. So we used JavaScript to do the description pop up.
  • There was plenty of existing code to realize the animation of the navigator on internet. Considering this project required fast speed and stable performance, we decided to build an algorithm which was lighter and faster.
  • We used XML file to configure the Flash navigator. That made it pretty easy to change the content of the Flash, without rebuilding the Flash navigator. Anyone who knows about XML can customize the Flash navigator.


  • Better performance of the web page.
  • It is much easier for the client to change the content of the Flash navigator.
  • Better designs.