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Case Study: Fast rebuild shopping cart for an healthcare online shop

Highlight of this case study

  • Rapid development of e-commerce website serving more than 100,000 customers
  • Smooth and interactive purchase process, providing the customer with terrific purchase experience
  • Multi-level security: security technologies are adopted to guarantee 100%secure purchase

Who is the client?

Based in US, The client is a direct response B2C company that focuses on radio and web advertisements. They primarily sell their own line of vitamins and supplements through their online shop. However, the shopping cart engine of this site has been outdated and they want to enhance it.

Project evolution

The client has a roadmap for a total redesign of their site in the 8 months. In the interim however, they would like to make modifications to the existing site / cart to maximize revenue and enhance the user experience.

The client initially provided a specification document and pictures to explain what they wanted. After several rounds of communication, our business analyst was able to fill in the requirement table as below:

Product Healthcare product
Number of product Several hundreds
Number of customer more than 100,000
Purchase process Choose a produce -> add to shopping cart -> Billing & Shipping Address -> Payment process
Additional requirement 1: The user shall be able to go back and forth at any step of the purchase process, and the data of that step should be temporarily saved.
Additional requirement 2: The user shall be able to modify their order at any step before completing an order.
Payment processing Use API of 3rd party
When the order is completed 1. The user will receive a confirmation email after finishing an order
2. The user can print their receipt or save as PDF file.



  • ASP.NET 2.0
  • VB.NET
  • MS SQL 2005
  • jQuery

Security solution

Transaction security is the prerequisite of a reliable e-commerce website. Our development team adopted proven technologies to guarantee the security from multi levels.

  • 1User information: Our development team combined Master Key, Certificate and SymmetricKey to encrypt the users' credit card number, Electronic check number and user's login password.
  • 2Database: Stored Procedures are adopted to query, add, delete and edit data. The website is only granted with the permission to execute the Stored Procedures, so to avoid attacks on the database.
  • 3SSL: Godaddy SSL seal is added to the website to provide overall protection.

Screen shot

What did the client get?

  • The website has complex business logic, while the original source code was quite messy. Our development only spent 25 workdays to complete the whole job.
  • High extendibility. Ajax was adopted for validation and submission during the checkout process, so the shopping cart can be easily transplanted to other sites.
  • High maintainability. The original system used ASP.NET server components. Our development team replaced them with client-end control and adopted jQuery to transfer and edit data, so the maintainability was largely increased.