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Case Study: Complex Web System Development with DNN Solution


  • Online Property Renting solution implementation.
  • Multiple Extended DotNetNuke techniques.
  • SEO enhancement solution in etNuke.
  • The custom Authentication implementation out of DotNetNuke system


A Canadian company needed to rewrite an existing property renting system which has been running for 3 years with DotNetNuke technique.

Why Nova

Nova Software has rich experience in DotNetNuke Development, including all kinds of DotNetNuke standard extension development. Moreover, Nova Software has the ability to accomplish extension works that are much more complicated.

Nova Software has worked in several small projects for this client. The client is very much satisfied with the cooperation between us. And they have confidence in ability of Nova.

One of the other strong reasons is that the client can accomplish the project at a very competitive cost.

Technology Required

The Challenge

Requirement & System Solution

  • The original Property Renting system includes a PHP web site for the front end and a Win Form application for the back end. Considering the deployment environment, we decided to rewrite two DotNetNuke web sites for the front end web site and the back end application. Originally the system includes a lot of business logic. We had no requirement document at the beginning of the project. So we just confirmed those logic bases on discussion with client via our implemented DotNetNuke prototype

Data Access Solution

  • The client wishes to adopt Microsoft Enterprise Library as the Data Access, based on which we imported .netTiers Application Framework in order to improve development efficiency, and generated the source code for the data access layer for the custom DotNetNuke modules by Code Smith template tool.

DotNetNuke Development

  • The original front end web site has bound 2 different domain names. System will present different styles and contents in response to different requests. So we implemented a set of DotNetNuke Skin/Container, which can dynamically present different User Controls and styles.
  • The client wishes to keep the new front end web site the same look as the original web site. With due consideration of features of DotNetNuke as well as relative logics, in order to gain high reusability, we designed/implemented 43 custom DNN modules. To simplify possible adjustment work in the future, we implemented Setting Views for the relative DotNetNuke modules to allow the DotNetNuke super user to adjust the relative module logic in the web sites.
  • There are several periodic data maintenance code blocks in the old PHP web site. We implemented 4 daily DotNetNuke Scheduler to provide the similar features.
  • Many free existing DNN modules have been adopted to present the relative content, such as DNN Text/HTML module and Ad Banner module.

SEO Solution

  • The old web site has been running for 2 years. It is very important to keep and enhance the SEO features for the new DotNetNuke web site.
  • There are some Meta data in the original PHP web site which cannot be supported directly by DotNetNuke. So we appended the relative codes in the Skin and modules to support it.
  • In order to keep and improve SEO features for the links, we decided to take the Pseudo-static URL and 301 Redirection features in the URL Rewriter to achieve our goal. Considering that the default URL Rewriter of DotNetNuke and the third-party components iFinity.URLMaster could not meet all requirements, we developed a custom URL Rewriter component, which supports to define the rewrite rules.

Authentication Solution

  • According the client's requirement, we implemented a custom Authentication sub system aside of the DotNetNuke system, which provided the User and Role management based on the SQL Membership API. So the new DotNetNuke web site allows both to login from DotNetNuke User Account and/or from the Business User Account.

Payment Solution

  • According to the original web site, we integrated the Internet Gateway payment solution to the new DotNetNuke web site. We implemented the security payment process under the SSL protocol by sharing the cookies between multiple sub domains.
  • The front end system components diagram

    The front end system components diagram
  • The back end system components diagram

    The back end system components diagram
  • The deployment diagram

    The deployment diagram
  • The payment processing work flow diagram

    The payment diagram

Benefits to the Client

  • Our high development efficiency has helped the client to reduce considerable amount of cost. The old system took 35-man-month to complete the first version. We took only 11-man-months by using DotNetNuke technique to complete the rewriting process for the same features.
  • The client is satisfied with the new system. And the expandability and maintainability of the new system become greatly enhanced. And the end user is very easy to maintain the new system.
  • The new system has higher efficiency and larger data processing ability than the old system.