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Case Study: Android Localization For Media


In the Android application, Google has provided us with support for multi-language version. We can Easy make a different program shows different text (for example, English, Chinese, etc.). But there are a lot of the time, he did not meet our requirements. For example, in different versions, we need a different shortcut icon, logo, background picture or welcoming video. Traditionally, we will copy and alter code, then building the version to different user. We need a more complete, more in-depth localization, how do we want it? SBT + ANT + Linux Shell compiled automatically build APP can quickly help us achieve localized.


  • Compile high efficiency
  • Simple
  • Easy management

Technology Used

  • Java
  • Android
  • JDK1.7
  • ANT
  • SBT
  • Linux Shell

Development methodology

Compile high efficiency

android case study Using a simple syntax and structure Linux Shell Scripting, calling Android compilation tools, convenient, just a few changes can be applied to other applications. Fast compilation speed.


Ready Linux shell scripts, you need to configure your build environment, you can also compile a key package yourself. Compile, package, plus the signature is only one command to complete. Command is as follows:
./android-build {project dir} {Android SDK path} {build version} {APK sign password }

Easy management

Linux Shell Script Compiler Build stored in folders. LanguageDependentFiles stored in the application folder for each version of the resource file. The default version of the source code MeiLong stored items Resource files are placed in the same location, centralized management. Simply update the resource file, recompile, you can generate another version of the application.

High Quality

  • 1) Multiple versions can manage, easy to maintain.
  • 2) Users can self-packaged, more secure, more at ease.

Benefits to the Client

  • News in your hands. With this application, user can read daily google news everywhere.
  • User can read daily news without network(take data from the local), as the same newspaper.


android case study
android case study
android case study
android case study