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Case Study: Andriod IRedeem App


This application is developed for a web-site as terminal on mobile platforms. It’s implemented with Android & Java. With this application, customers can use the cash vouch and promotions while they are buying something from the market.


  • Data caching
  • Page injection
  • Duplicate screen lock
  • Online updating
  • Localization

Technology Used

  • Java
  • Android
  • JDK1.7
  • ZXing-Barcode
  • Web service

Development methodology

Data caching

There exist mass data transferring during execution of the application, so we improve the data service layer for static data caching to reduce the service response time.

Page injection

When implementing the application’s pages, we use page injection, which is implemented by dynamically generate page contents and inject them to the container. With this strategy, the application can be easily expanded with new features.

Duplicate screen lock

We implement a duplicate screen lock to guarantee the manager an option of locking the device to run our application in exclusive mode to prohibit disturbance from other applications.

Improved 2D barcode scanning

We improve part of the 2D barcode scan method, based on the ZXing-Barcode, to achieve a fast and efficient product information recording for customers.

Online update

Whenever the application start, it will check the server for software update and automatically complete the update if required.


The application support multi-language as built-in feature, the client can easily change the language to his local one.

High Quality

  • 1) We used JUnit to do unit tests for specific interfaces in back-end.
  • 2) We used such as "frequent delivery", "frequent communication", "updated plan" to fit changes, requirement as best practice of agile development. That helps our client to get the final valuable app.

Benefits to the Client

  • Business everywhere. With this application, managers can manage the products information and view the order details everywhere.
  • Efficient for customers. With 2D barcode for product recording, customers of the client can experience a fast and efficient shopping process.


android case study
android case study