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Case Study: Andriod Daily News App


A news reading application that based on Google News. Users can easily reading interest in news through the application.


  • Rapidly and high quality development in a certain timeline
  • An agile project development for a frequently changed requirements
  • Positive advice for design and implantation solution
  • Auto save data to the local

Technology Used

  • Java
  • Android
  • JDK1.7
  • SQLite
  • Multiple screen size

Development methodology

Different screen sizes

We use android Multi-screen size technology ensure the app fits different screen size of devices.

Auto Save data to the local

The application will auto save daily news to the local when you start it, so the second time user can read news without network,as the same newspaper.


The application support multi-language as built-in feature, the client can easily change the language to his local one.

High Quality

  • 1) We used JUnit to do Junit tests for specific interfaces in back-end.
  • 2) We used such as "frequent delivery", "frequent communication", "updated plan" to fit changes, requirement as best practice of agile development. That helps our client to get the final valuable app.

Benefits to the Client

  • News in your hands. With this application, user can read daily google news everywhere.
  • User can read daily news without network(take data from the local), as the same newspaper.


android case study
android case study