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Case Study: Affiliate System


  • Dynamic module (Module builder)
  • Combine ASP.NET Sql Membership with Sitefinity Authentication.
  • Positive advice for design and implantation solution Network solution.


A Canada customer wanted an affiliate system which will be integrated to the completed main site to constitute an infinitely extending network, every user on the network can view their location in the network and its subordinate network.

Why Nova

Nova Software has rich experience in Sitefinity Development, including all kinds of Sitefinity standard extension development. Moreover, Nova Software has the ability to accomplish extension works that are much more complicated. And we have worked in several small projects for this client. The client is very much satisfied with the cooperation between us; they have confidence in ability of Nova.

Technology Required

Development methodology

Sitefinity development

  • Combine Dynamic module with Classification so as to improve development efficiency.
  • Sitefinity Authentication and ASP.NET Sql Membership is perfectly integrated to implement site permission.

Network solution

We help our customers design and perfect affiliate network. The network starts at several root nodes and infinitely extends; each affiliate network node associats with the user network in main site, the affiliate system will calculate every user's location, subordinate network and promotion contribution.

Benefits to the Client

  • Fully use the Sitefinity features, shorten the development cycle and help customer to reduce costs.
  • Instantly communicating with customer, assist customer to perfect system design and improve project quality.

Screen shots