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Case Study: A website for Life Science industry


Based in UK, this client is a consulting agency providing service to Life Science industry. The client needed a comprehensive website portal comprising various functions such as website inquiry, user register, events searching and content management. In addition to successful implementation of these required functions, Nova also enhanced the scalability and maintainability of the product to a great extent.


As the client requested the website to be integrated with CMS feature in order to simplify the configuration and management, we suggested the client adopt DNN framework to build up the website. Under this framework, our main tasks were to create Pages and Models as well as the correspondent Skins, then bring them together to realize the requested Portal. This would require constant communication with the client to clarify the requirements and business logic/flow in detail. We managed to meet the client's requirements by customizing relatively simple modules with DNN's own features and developing new DNN modules.

As the client lacked of IT experience and the specification, we had spent sufficient time on the commutation with the client to lead out the necessary information on one hand; on the other hand, we also helped the client to finalize his work flow and business logic with our constructive ideas and advices. The client himself gained new knowledge and skills through this process and expressed his appreciation for our work in the email at the end of the project.

The Partnership

When approaching Nova, the client was a little worried about our services and quality, because the client has never try any outsourcing services, and it was his first time to work with an offshore team. He had no idea about how to document the requirements and specification, how to facilitate the project progress, and how to monitor the team's performance etc. He even didn't know how to set up the web site. But our following performance and service reassured him. We helped the client creating specification, in the meanwhile kept smooth communication with him about project progress; we sent weekly report to indicate the team performance and project status. At the end, the client gave us highly praise and he mentioned that he would definitely come to us if he had another project.


The client had received a website which meets every piece of his requirements. He is considering to further our cooperation by bring enhancements of the website and upgrading the DNN to the newest version etc.