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Case Study: Store Management Application on Windows 8

1. General Info

The client is a chain stores solutions provider in Ireland. As customers shop distributed over the country, the client needs a mobile application to manage stores, merchandise, customers, orders, and audit, and finally synchronize data to a central database. The client urgently needs a Windows 8.1 application development framework with good stability, scalability, and ease for development. Nova provides perfect solution to our client: with Microsoft Windows 8.1 App platform, applications can simultaneously run on Windows mobile devices and computers with Windows 8 system, this can help reduce development cost. Efficiently use Visual Studio development tools, Windows 8 programming framework of the new design can quickly develop applications according to customer needs.

2. System Requirements

  • User Management
  • Customer Management
  • Store Management
  • Order Management
  • Product Management
  • Audit Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Graph Management
  • News Management

3. Screen Shots

3.1 Home Page

3.2 Product Groups

3.3 Product Information

3.4 Store Information

3.5 Order Management

3.6 Audit Management

4. Develop Technology

  • Windows 8.1
  • C#
  • XAML
  • MVVM Light
  • Async Programming
  • Telerik Windows 8.0 APP XAML Control
  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • .Net Framework 4.5
  • Web API 2.0
  • Newtonsoft.Json
  • Entity Framework 6.1
  • Linq
  • SQLite
  • Synchronizationa

5. System Architecture and Solution

After compare with several other suppliers, the client chooses Nova’s solution. This is because Nova has extensive experience in the field of XAML(WPF, Silverlight, Windows 8 Metro Style App), and we implement agile development, rapid response work and provide solution according to the actual need. We can propose solution to our client in a short period after get basic requirement from client. Following are the two main solutions:

5.1 System Architecture Solution

System is mainly composed of five layers: the database layer, the physical model layer, business logic layer, service layer, Windows App layer. App and server communicate mainly through the Web API, App data is stored in the client. Server and client updating is completed by data synchronization.

5.2 Data Synchronization Solution

Synchronization Logic: Data synchronization can be configured, such as: the content and the synchronization conditions, synchronization mode (unidirectional or bidirectional), synchronization sequence and so on. Version conflict control is based on the time of last update and synchronize report can be generated.

Implementation: Client use Http Client to call Web API service to finish synchronization, as following graph shows: