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Case Study: Web Development with DNN Technology


A US-based company decided to use Nova's technical expertise to redesign a series of web sites, including designing the appearance of the whole web site, maintaining the website content, and developing some new modules with special features. Since all the web sites shared similar basic functionalities, we used DotNetNuke, an open source framework, to develop all the web sites for the purpose of reducing development cost.


  • The client holds a group of outstanding Golf clubs in the US. Each club needs different portals which contain different appearance of interfaces, different menus, different authorization configurations as well as different client pools.
  • The client drew two layout pictures for each Portal, one of which is used to display the Landing Page. Meanwhile the background of the picture should change dynamically.
  • The client wanted us to develop a module which looked like an album so to make the new website more attractive and easier to manage.
  • Deploying website was a troublesome issue, because the client had multiple domains, each domain had a corresponding Alias of Portal and each Alias needs setting up with the corresponding address.

Technology Required

  • C#
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Css
  • Ajax
  • DotNetNuke
  • Web Service
  • Since all the club web sites shared similar basic functionalities, we decided to use DotNetNuke, an open source framework, to develop all the web sites. So we built the following frameworks.

  • We developed two sets of Skin for each Portal using the CSS coverage mechanism of DotNetNuke , one for the whole Portal website and the other one for LandingPage. We wrote a short JavaScript based on the Loading Page to achieve the purpose of changing the background dynamically.
  • Considering it was difficult to use ZenPhoto in DotNetNuke directly, we decided to develop the module PhotoGallery, which was in support of pictures uploading and management. In order to provide better user experience, we also adopted the Ajax technology.
  • We deployed the site on the local demo server and wrote the detailed document to help the client update the Alias. After several times, the client was familiar with the whole procedure.

Benefits to the Client

  • The client has a web site cluster that totally meets his requirements.
  • The web site runs very well at present and the internet traffic has been increased.
  • The website has become much more attractive.