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Case Study: Sitefinity Web Development Intergrated with RESTful WCF API


  • Sitefinity website development
  • Custom Membership Provider for site administrators in Sitefinity
  • Intergrated with RESTful WCF API
  • Facebook authentication web method for app users


The customer is a professional network service provider, who wish Nova to help to development a backend website with Sitefinity and a set of Web methods to be reused in their mobile app.


According to the requirement, Nova implemented mutiple Sitefintiy widgets and a set of Sitefinity page template. In order to be easier maintained and deployed, Nova took the Sitefinity dynamic modules as the data access object. In order to be more easier to call in mobel app, Nova implemented WCF in Sitefinity website with RESTful feature. In order to trace the app user information, Nova implemented a web method in the WCF to intergrated with Facebook authentication. In order to ensure the web methods correct, Nova also used jquery/json to call those RESTful web methods in the custom sitefinity widgets as possible.

Technology Required


  • A Screenshot of Current Layout

A Screenshot of Current Layout

  • Edit Council

Edit Council



  • Custom Membership Provider

Custom Membership Provider

Benefits to the Client

We took 259 hours to completed the whole web stie. And the website succeed to go live on time.
Due to cost advantage of Nova compared with local development company, the client saved lots of development cost and time.