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Case Study: Sitefinity Automatically Manage Advertising Phase3


  • Rapidly and high quality development in a certain timeline
  • Start a Campaign to buy or bid a position for showing a media automatically
  • Admin manage all the medias and campaigns


The client is a Canada company, and they have a website which was developed based on Sitefinity. This project is the third phase of the existing website. The client provide a storyboard to us. We worked as IT department and mainly focus on implantation the functions which were described in the storyboard.

What the client want

  • In general, the client want to manage the advertising for their website automatically. Firstly, for their business users, they would be able to add and manage medias such as image, flash and Google Ads. Then, they would be able to start a campaign. The campaign is just for bid or buy a position for their medias which managed previously. The system managed the available position and pricing based on the criteria with page type, page position, category and time etc.

Technology Required

  • Sitefinity
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Telerik Controls

Development methodology

Sitefinity Development

  • We implemented the system by developing user control widget based on sitefinity, so that user can add the required module flexible.
  • For the styles, we followed the style which used in the previous phases, so that we achieved the uniform interface.
  • For the system architecture, we implemented the logic layer and data access layer in another independent module, so that we will not mess up with the previous implementations.

Screen shots

Benefits to the Client

  • Increases productivity. All Medias will be managed automatically by the system, the client don’t have to track the file in the thousands of messily files.
  • Better management. Medias, positions and times will be managed by the system. Better to track the status and manage it.
  • In Time delivery. As the client want to start the first around launch as soon as possible, we increased more resource into the project to make sure we can delivery it in time.