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Case Study: Online tickets sale management system

Project Background

The client is a Ticket and Access Control System Service Company. To provide their customers a high-efficient and convenient ticket and access control service, the client requires an online ticket display and sales system. And based on this, they need integrate the par validation function for the Access Control System.


  • Implement the dynamic event management online.
  • Implement the Permission management based on the organization structure.
  • Implement the online generate e-ticket in PDF version, with bar code and QR code.
  • Implement the online verification, bar code scanning and QR code authenticity verification.
  • Implement PayPal online.
  • Integrate the SNS, like Facebook, twitter sharing function.
  • The project will be implemented based on Node JS ExpressJS 3.0.


As the project grows, its concurrent data will be larger and larger. Then, we chose NodeJS Express 3.0 as the server and the combination of MySQL and Cache as the data base. Thus, thanks to the clog-free and high-performance feature of NodeJS, the system can quickly respond the request from the client-side and the server-side can be easily expanded systematically.

Technology required

  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • Backbone
  • jQuery
  • WebApi
  • Cache
  • MySQL
  • HTM5
  • CSS3


How to generate PDF?
In the beginning, we found several solutions in NPM official site, like third-party plug-in components, generating with the template, etc. After careful assessment, we chose Wkhtmltopdf, which has the least risk and we are familiar with it most.

Benefits to the Client

This platform implemented client¡¯s requirement successfully, and it realized client¡¯s expectation. The client is satisfied with our work.
This platform can quickly manage online ticket purchase and payment, access control validation, and greatly improve the client¡¯s competition ability.
Based on this system, client successfully built up their sites for Columbia and Trinidad & Tobago.

Screen shots

Home Page

User Center

e-Ticket PDF Admin Pane

Online Payment A

Online Payment B

Online Payment C

SNS Integration