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Case Study: Loyalty Web Program Developed with DNN Technology


  • Rapidly and high quality development in a certain timeline
  • An agile project development for a frequently changed requirement
  • Positive advice for design and implantation solution


The client have graphic designer to provide us with psd files and a business analysis to write the business logic documents. We work as IT department and mainly focus on implantation and whole solutions. Sometimes we need give some suggestions about the design from technical angle, for they don't have technical background.

What the client want

  • The client's purpose is to set up an in-between points system between public consumers and a number of businesses who have partnership with their company. The consumers benefit from the product with rapid accumulation points and redeem desired company's gift card with points; the businesses benefit from it with advertising themselves. So there are totally two websites needed. One is public with features of promotions, redeem gift card etc. The other is for business as merchant tools to get plenty of business reports, get support and so on.
  • The client regards us as the IT department of their company, so we are not only responsible for the development, but also for building whole solution, deploying on Amazon host and affecting the entire product plan.

Technology Required

  • DotNetNuke
  • Linq to Sql
  • Google Map Control
  • Telerik Controls
  • Barcode generate tools (BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Web)
  • Social integration (facebook like and twitter follow)

Development methodology

DotnetNuke Development

  • We totally designed/implemented about 40 custom DNN modules. To simplify possible adjustment work in the future, we implemented Setting Views for the relative DotNetNuke modules to allow the DotNetNuke super user to adjust the relative module logic in the web sites.
  • There are several periodic data maintenance code blocks in the old PHP web site. We implemented 4 DotNetNuke Schedulers to provide the similar features.
  • For the styles system, we comply with the DNN UX Guide.
  • Many third party DNN modules have been adopted to present the relative content and functionalities, such as Opt-In-Email of dataspring, CreativeBanner, Twitter Feed.

Payment Solution

We offer two methods for user to process payment: one is integrated online payment with specific gateway; the other is integrated Paypal payment with its PDT feature.

Challenges of the development process

The client want to launch the website quickly with plenty of features, we often need to complete certain functionalities in a tight timeline. So we have to do things more agilely.

The product is at start-up stage and the client often gets some additional functions from their potential customers, so there're always some frequent changes for the original requirement. The reality is the changes often affect the launch plan of client as well as our submission plans. At this time, we often give some suggestion to client for a compromise solution or some better ways to implement.

Benefits to the Client

  • The website is launch on time.
  • We cut production time for client and the client doesn't need to concern about the production links.

Screen shots