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Case Study: Website upgrade with DNN modules


Specializing providing consulting service in regard to government information, this US based IT consulting company already had an old web site and a new web site based on DotNetNuke technology. For the sake of easier management and better user experience, he needed some of the functions on the old web site to be recoded, packed into DNN modules, and migrated to new DNN web site.


The modules we are required to implement were FAQ, Glossary and City Tax Locater. The client required to realize these modules based on DotNetNuke version 4.3.5 or above version. For the sake of easier communication, the client provided us with some images of the appearance of final modules, some written explanation, and some Html documentation for our reference.

We started with preparation work in search of feasible solution.

FAQ Module:

Required to realize displaying and management of normal problems, this module mainly contained three functions.
1. Browse the page layout of data and classify and search in accordance with the Category.

2. Management of Category (Add Edit/Delete)

3. Management of FAQ data (Add.Edit/Delete)

As the timeline was very tight and the core of FAQ laid in self-maintenance of FAQ data, we decided to realize the management functions on Category by the Lists management of DNN. We planned to add corresponding category records into the List of DNN system using SQL Script, and then start to develop the other two functions.

Glossary Module:

Used for explanation of some terms and information description, Glossary module mainly included two functions:
1. Browse the data, able to search information by grouping in accordance with the sequence of letters.
2. Management of Glossary data.

The functions of this module were similar with that of FAQ without dealing with the Category. But this module was in need of grouping of data display and redesigning an alphabet.

City Tax Locater Module

This module was used to search relevant Tax information based on inputted City code. The data in this module was required to be imported from a txt file of specific format. Aiming at dealing with data very accurately, we planned to write several specialized classes and work on relevant data test.

Sharp tools make good work. During the period of preparation work, we also studied the tools such as the DotNetNuke Starter Kit and Code Smith.

After submitting our solution to the client, we got his consent. Therefore we started coding. During the subsequent two weeks, we accomplished the tasks of module development, delivered the installation package and source code of relevant modules to the client, and helped the client upgrade the data.


The client has received the modules and successfully integrated them into his new system. We've gained positive comments from this client.

Below are screenshots of this project: