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Case Study: Company Website based on Sitefinity


  • Multi view control designers
  • Using the ASP.NET Sql Membership Provider in Sitefinity
  • Module Builder extension and one to many relationships


An Australian company wants to integrate all current online services and applications into a new website with user-friendly functionality.

Goals of the site

  1. That the inherent structure is user-friendly and perceived value of the site encourages repeat access by users.
  2. Be sufficiently rigorous and simple platform to enable further evolution of the site with minimal hassle.
  3. Update online product catalogue accompanied and complimented by user-friendly navigation.
  4. Migrate client portals to website via secure client login area.
  5. Enable uploading and editing of content readily.


Technology Required

Sitefinity Development

  • There are lots of multi view control designers in system; it will be faster and easier for user to edit the site content.
  • Module Builder in the system
  1. Customize the Dynamic module and Extended to Export list to CSV
  2. One-to-many relationships in Dynamic modules, it allows us to easily build the data model that we need by using multi dynamic module
    One to many
  • Customize the Font in Content Block widget so as to facilitate for user to customize the site content
  • Combine ASP.NET Sql Membership into Sitefinity system,make the backend users and frontend users completely seperated.

Benefits to the Client

  • From start to end, we always quick responded to client and helped the client to solve the issues in design and deployment, and got the praise from him.
  • Via multiple iterative submitting by functions, the customer can get and check the latest completed functions at all times, and give us feedback so that we are able to quickly fix and improve the issues. This increased the development efficiency and quality
  • Due to cost advantage of Nova compared with local development company, the client saved lots of development cost and time

Screen shots