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Case Study: nopCommerce BuyGrommets Store


nopCommerce BuyGrommets Store is a web store which is carry the full line of grommets machines, a variety of grommets and dies. It’s a normal e-commerce site will nothing special.

Highlight of this case study

  • Migrate old data to adapt nopCommerce It is the main work to migrate data to adapt nopCommerce, because there is nothing special compare with other e-commerce sites
  • Email CartYou can send an email with your shopping cart information to your friends. Then they could just click one link to add the product in your shopping cart to their own easily.


  • Migrate data from original database
  • Everything must be fit into the appointed style.
  • Special shipping rules. Different subtotal with different shipping cost. Calculate shipping cost by fixed price or percentage of subtotal.
  • Email shopping cart function


Technology Required

System Architecture

nopCommerce BuyLettersOnline

Some screen shots

nopCommerce BuyLettersOnline

nopCommerce BuyLettersOnline

nopCommerce BuyLettersOnline

Why Nova and Benefit to Client

  • Rapid completion. We complete the whole job even if it has complex business logic. In order to let our client get the product as soon as possible, we take the agile approach to develop this website.
  • High quality. We sent daily report to let the customer know the process and what is going on. We also send weekly report to summarize the completed functions in that week and the detail plan of the next week. We deployed a site for testing, so that we can get feedbacks from customer quickly. And then we do some adjustments according to the feedbacks as soon as possible. The system is stable and easy to be extended and maintained. It gives the costumer the best experience.
  • Efficient. We separate relatively independent modules and convert them into user controls, which makes it easy to work out a specific page through quoting and is beneficial to modify and reuse.
  • High extendibility. Ajax was adopted for validation and submission during the checkout process, so the shopping cart can be easily transplanted to other sites.
  • Experienced. Everyone in our group is experienced in this field.
  • Protection. We are a company.
  • Economical. Comparing with local related development, the client saved some cost.