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Free Trial

We believe a firsthand trial speaks far more than rhetoric, so we encourage you to try us before you give out your project and contract. The trial will let you:

  • 1Feel around the most efficient working procedure with an outsourcing vendor
  • 2Gauge precisely our technical capability, efficiency and language skills
  • 3Save much time on preliminary evaluation
  • 4Not risk of choosing the wrong vendor which seems to be so good
  • 5Ultimately find the right long-term vendor

How free trial works?

The trial can either be a small task or certain amount of hours, till when you are sure of our quality and commitment. Usually the trial lasts for one week. During the trial period, you can directly communicate with the candidate developers and assign them specific tasks. Our developer will report progress on daily basis by email, and discuss any questions with you over telephone, instant messengers or email. In this way, you could learn more about our communication efficiency, code quality, the delivery time and we could formulate a way of working which best suits both sides.