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The advantages of PC front and back-end separation and mobile app

source from: internalpublish date: 2023年3月10日

I. Benefits of PC front and back-end separation
1、Improve development efficiency

Front-end and back-end have their own responsibilities, front-end and back-end do what they are good at, do not rely on each other, development efficiency is faster, and the division of labor is more balanced, will greatly improve the development efficiency.

2、Optimize user experience

User access speed is fast, page performance is improved, and user experience is optimized. There is no jumping between pages, resources are all inside the same page, no brush line to load data, fast switching between page fragments, which makes user experience rise a great deal; front and back ends are not separated, a little inattentiveness will trigger browser rearrangement and redrawing, slow loading speed, which reduces user experience

3、Enhance code maintainability

Enhance code maintainability, reduce maintenance costs and improve the quality of code. Front-end and back-end are not separated, the code is more complicated, difficult and costly to maintain.

4、Reduce the request pressure on the back-end server

The biggest benefit is that the front-end JS can do a large part of the data processing work, the pressure on the server is reduced to a minimum.

5, adaptability

The same set of back-end program code, without modification can be used for Web interface, cell phones, tablets and other clients.

6、Error message presentation

Back-end errors are not directly reflected to the foreground, and error messages are presented in a more friendly way.

7、Click to experience the front-end and back-end separation example


Second, why choose to present in the way of app and applet.

(1) Fast running speed and good experience.

(2) Can use the underlying device functions, such as camera, direction sensor, gravity sensor, dialing, GPS, voice, SMS, Bluetooth, etc..

(3) It is easier to achieve fluency and good user experience in terms of interface design, function design and operation logic. And high retention rate, once users download, compared to the other two ends, the possibility of retention is high.

(4) Precise and stronger user stickiness. Users who actively download APP are generally interested in the content of APP, and at the same time, APP will generally remain in the user's phone after downloading, APP end will have the ability to continuously deliver information to the user and achieve the opportunity to wake up the sleeping user.

2、Small program

(1) Backed by one billion traffic of WeChat, it is easier for small programs to get customers, and the cost of attracting traffic is also reduced. At the same time, the social network of WeChat can be used to trigger explosive spread, "building blocks on the shoulders of giants".

(2) Connecting online and offline; promoting the development of offline user habits, it is easier to connect and interact with online and offline scenes with small programs than APP.

(3) Accessible, no need to download, ready to use, experience degree close to native, good user experience. The concept is a strategy to start operation as soon as the small program is launched, which can do the overall grafting of APP and also the carrier of the concise version of the function, this feature makes the small program can replace many APPs.

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