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A New Milestone, Sitefinity Partner Now!

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January 10 2013


After became Kentico gold partner on October 2012, Nova Software is now the Sitefinity Partner, too. This shows that Nova Software is qualified of providing professional services using Sitefinity for the clients now.


Ever since Nova was established on 2005 , in the development procedure of the software engineers of Nova, they have most frequently applied the Telerik control, which is the product that comes from the parent company of Sitefinity. In addition, one of the development departments in Nova is focusing on CMS development, like Sitefinity, DotNetNuke, Umbraco, Kentico , etc. For Sitefinity, Nova already has over two years’ developing experience. Besides, the majority of projects in Nova are for web development.


These features of Nova make a strong natural and mutual attraction between Nova Software and Sitefinity. And another element which cannot be ignored is that almost all the projects in Nova are based on Microsoft .Net platform, which Sitefinity follows, too.


Now as the partner of Sitefinity, apart from the development that Nova Software is able to

  • Create Layout and Skin based on PSD or HTML.
  • Custom Sitefinity Module to meet clients' specific requirements.
  • Build up and manage a whole website with Sitefinity.
  • Integrate Sitefinity with existing website/application.


It is also available for Nova to have a certain discount on the future Sitefinity sales. Meanwhile, Being Sitefinity Partner means that Nova can get the up-to-date information and support from Sitefinity at the earliest.


This is another progress that Nova Software made during the past 2012. Let’s wish a more prosperous 2013 for Nova.


Note: For more information of Sitefinity, please go to


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