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Offshore Development Center

If you're looking for a secure, low-risk way to build offshore team to reduce your development cost with reliable quality, look to Nova.

Nova is now running 7 Offshore development Centers (ODC) for clients from Europe and North America. Many of them have been running for more than 1 year. Based on the 3 years' experience in software outsourcing, Nova has developed its own special method of win- win ODC, which is a tailored engagement mode targeting at long term cooperation. It offers the highest possible return of your investment by highly reducing your risks and leading you to the effective control of the whole outsourcing process.

  • Free Trial is the most efficient way to lower your risks out of the partner selection. Nova will work with you to define the scope of the pilot project and the trial passed developers will participate in your future development team in Nova.
  • Abundant talent pool enables quick team build-up. With resumes or web-interview, you can handpick the most suitable resources among junior to senior levels.
  • The Turnover Rate of your development team in Nova could be lowered to zero during the contract period. This ensures a stable running team and continuous improvement of the development productivity/quality with the ever growing understanding of your product/requirements.

To explore more with ODC, or read our case study of ODC projects, please full in the form below and our sales rep. will gladly provide you with more detailed information as soon as possible.