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Installation Tester

Brief introduction to Installation testing

Installation testing is often the most under tested area in testing. This type of testing is performed to ensure that all Installed features and options function properly. It is also performed to verify that all necessary components of the application are, indeed, installed. The testing process may involve full, partial or upgrades install/uninstall processes.

If your installation is successful on the new system then customer will be definitely happy but what if things are completely opposite. If installation fails then our program not only won't work on that system but also can leave user's system badly damaged. User might require reinstalling the full operating system. So installation testing is very important.

Why hire installation testers from Nova

Our competency

Nova's installation testers have had several installation tests. Most of them have 2 years of software test experience. Our competency lies in following aspects:

  • Excellent communication skills and comprehension ability On the one hand, Nova's installation testers can get familiar with your installation requirement rapidly and accurately; one the other hand, they do not have intercultural communication problems at all in face-to-face communication, conference calls, instant messengers or emails with clients. Moreover, all the relevant documentations will simultaneously be prepared in English.
  • Rich experience in installation testing Most of Nova's installation testers have rich experience in installation testing. We know full well that what aspects we should consider about, what methods should be adapted to test, etc.

As a company, Nova backups our installation testers with:

Our experience

Via accomplishing several installation testing projects, Nova installation testers have some installation testing tips. Briefly described as follows:

  • Use flow diagrams to perform installation testing.
  • If you have previously installed compact basic version of application then in next test case install the full application version on the same path as used for compact version.
  • If you are using flow diagram to test different files to be written on disk while installation then use the same flow diagram in reverse order to test uninstallation of all the installed files on disk.
  • Use flow diagrams to automate the testing efforts. It will be very easy to convert diagrams into automated scripts.
  • Test the installer scripts used for checking the required disk space.
  • Use software's available freely in market to verify registry changes on successful installation.
  • Forcefully break the installation process in between.
  • Disk space checking: This is the crucial checking in the installation-testing scenario.
  • As you check installation you can test for uninstallation also.

Installation testers working time

Nova's installation testers work dedicatedly for you, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. The dedicated testers will work under your timeframe and you can contact through MSN/Skype. In urgent case, you can also directly call on testers mobile.