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Why you need maintenance service

  • After you accept the delivered system, there might be some potential bugs that can hardly be detected by UAT. After running in the real environment for a period of time, those bugs would come out in succession. At this moment, you can hand over the system to Nova and we will fix these bugs.
  • The business circumstance is changing at an accelerated rate. Your current system cannot meet the changing requirements as the business rules changes. Nova will help you expand, modify the current system and add new functionalities tailored to your unique requirements.
  • When you need performance optimization. After deeply researching into the current system, we will detect the performance bottleneck and come up with optimization solution, either by re-factoring or enhance the performance by utilizing new program technology.


  • Re-factoring and upgrading.
  • Business process re-engineering.
  • Enhancing user experience.
  • DotNetNuke website maintenance.
  • Localization.
  • Deployment and promotion in China.
  • Etc.