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Agile in Nova

We are Practicing Agile

  • Thousands of projects have been accomplished Nova Software in these years, and we have practiced many "best practices" which are adopted from famous Agile methodologies (e.g. XP, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, etc.). Having learned so much from these experiences, we are clearer for how to be more agile under a realistic outsourcing circumstance.

Our Developer

  • Once a new developer joins our company, he will learn some knowledge about agile development, and will be put into an agile team in suitable time to feel it and practice it.
  • New junior developers will be helped with their growth via periodical pair programming or code review.
  • Our agile developers all are honest, open, positive, responsible and quickly responsive. They know to how to response to changes, how to improve quality by unit testing and focus on delivering value to clients.
  • They also have good English skill to communicate with our partner - clients or other teams in development process, such as, participating daily stand-up meeting, sprint plan meeting or just discuss about some user stories.

Our Management

  • "For your success" is our wish, also we have to try hard to improve ourselves to be a better offshore partner (a better IT outsourcing vendor) to reach this goal. Such as, advocate agile culture to whole company.
  • Our company provides some FREE supervisors for our developers and our projects, to help them improve.
  • For each developer, his supervisor will help him identify several improvement goals and make an improvement sprint. And if our developers do something creative or share some new experience, they will be encouraged with rewards
  • Each project has its special background, they cannot use the same development process and practice the same agile practices, so our supervisors will review their weekly performance, and give some realistic agile suggestions to specific project and try to make it be more agile step by step.

And more

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