Features of ODC and Fixed Price Quote

For those clients who are trying outsourcing for the first time, they will find the comparison chart between ODC and Fixed Price very helpful when formulating their outsourcing strategy.

Offshore Development Center
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Fixed Price Quote
Client ODC method suits any kind of clients, including software companies, end customers, groups, and individuals, etc. The client needs to have some knowledge background or even some experience in software development because we need to ensure smooth and effective communication with the client from the technical aspects.
Requirement Specification The requirement specification can be finalized after kicking off the project and gradually perfected throughout the development process on a continuous basis without retarding the overall project progress. Before the project gets started, the client needs to provide a detailed requirement specification comprising technologies supported, functions/features required, mockup/sketch, etc.
Project Startup Time We can kick off the project immediately as soon as we agree on the resources involved and enter into contract. Before kicking off the project, we will execute an internal assessment process involving prudent feasibility analysis, requirements comprehension, workload estimation, etc. This process will probably be long.
Rates lower rates 2% discount for 6+ months' ODC contract 5% discount for 1+ year's ODC contract The success of a project mostly depends on the collaboration between the client and us. In consideration of all kinds of risks such as requirements stabilization, communication efficiency, and timely feedback, idle human resources cost, etc, the standard rates will be multiplied by a coefficient.
Total Price Client can control the total price of the monthly fee by flexibly adjusting the ODC team. The total price can be estimated roughly as a ball park figure for your reference. We will provide an accurate quote. NOTE: If the project requirements are changed in the development lifecycle, the total price will be re-estimated.
Payment Terms paid on monthly basis: 50% in the beginning and 50% at the end of a month paid in accordance with milestones/deliverables
Team Structure ODC team can be flexibly structured according to client's requirements and budget an integrated team will be tailored, involving different roles, e.g. developers, testers, project managers, etc.
Turnover Rate We will make every reasonable effort to ensure the availability of resources as we totally understand that the importance - the more familiar they are with the tasks assigned by client, the more effectively they can work. We guarantee on-time delivery but there is no specific requirements on the resources replacement.
Requirements Change Clients can freely change the resources' work content, or adjust the priority of different tasks whenever they want in the development lifecycle. In the development lifecycle if requirements are changed, we might need to re-estimate the total workload, adjust or remake the project plan, re-negotiate the cost for the requirements change, add or remake the contract, etc.
Development Process Various development methodologies can be adopted, e.g. Test Driven Development, Agile Development, etc. RUP and multi-iteration development methodology will be adopted
Warranty Period No warranty period. Upon conclusion of the ODC contract, Nova will be fully discharged from its obligation to develop and fix errors. We provide 10-30 days of warranty period after final delivery.