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The Importance of Website Design and Web Development Services for a Company

When you decide that it is important and in the best interest of your business to have a website, there a few important things you should consider for your web design and development.

Outsourcing to China

According to some reports, China is just a few years away from catching up with India as the destination of choice for companies looking to outsource all or parts of their operations. Others say, no way! Too many barriers sit between it and success. The important question right now is what recent developments in China mean to your organization and its outsourcing strategies.

Comparing China/India Software Outsourcing

The white papers covers the reasons why the Indian companies are coming to China, which mostly have to do with how tapped out the infrastructure in India is, the shortage of human talent, and lack of hardware infrastructure in India and how long it takes to set up in India.

China becomes Japan's biggest software outsourcing base

China becomes Japan's biggest software outsourcing base

Chongqing, Chengdu to become new SEZs

Chongqing and Chengdu, two large cities in southwestern China, have been given the green light to become a new, twin-city special economic zone (SEZ), so as to beef up the overall economic development of the country.

China, India Vie for Outsourcing Market

China, India Vie for Outsourcing Market

Offshoring - What is Offshoring?

Offshoring is a type of outsourcing. Offshoring simply means having the outsourced business functions done in another country.

China to become top provider of software outsourcing

China will become the world's biggest provider of software outsourcing, according to analysts at the China International Software Outsourcing Summit 2006 held in Shenzhen in south China on Dec.13.

10 reasons that start-ups 100% absolutely should outsource (almost) everything

Analysis: why should start-ups outsource everything?

Chongqing municipality

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