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Requirements Risks Can Drown Software Projects

Software requirements management is often viewed as a stand-alone task in terms of life-cycle activities. Of course, some of the major risks to project completion are incomplete, inaccurate, or vague requirements. In this article we will present and discuss several requirements risks that may have major impacts on the success of software projects. We will then consider strategies to help mitigate the impact of these requirements risks.

Developer Center on the Internet

List the most popular developer centers on the internet

Career Paths for Programmers

As a programmer, what skills can make you more competitive? Technology only? This article can give you some useful guidlines.

Software Design and Programmers

Programmer's task is code only? Maybe it's important that a programmer has some software design skills.

Ten Reasons You're a Software Developer

From this article, we can find some common thinking about software developer profession.

Becoming a Better Developer

This article is an excerpt from someone's blog. Some of these opnions are excellent.

What Is A Professional Programmer?

This article have told us that what is and how to be a professional programmer.

Being a Better Developer... in 6 months

The article descibes describes how to get a better developer in 6 months. Let me try.

An Agile Developer's Responsibility

So, what are your thoughts on the true responsibility of a developer? Should they "just say no" when it comes to shortcuts? Should they listen to the customer requests? Or, should they be flexible but hone in things that affect the customer and hold fast to their values and ethics?

how do developers become succesful

through self-management, developers become succesful