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FAQ Module

The FAQ module is a simple DNN module, mainly used to help the end user solve some common problems of the system, including two aspects of question and answer. In accordance with different kinds of problems the module is divided into different categories for the sake of easier search and inquiry. This sort of application is adopted by a lot of web sites.


Compare with the standard FAQ Module,

  • Supports managing questions and answers in category.
  • Supports searching by keyword in questions or answers with category.
  • Supports browsing by category.

Nova FAQ Module Downloads & Files: Source Code, DNN Installer


After it is installed, our FAQ module will create a data list named DNNToolkit FAQ Category under the List of DNN system, and also automatically set up two pieces of Entry record (FAQ Category1, FAQ Category2) under the List so that it is more convenient and easier for the administrator to manage and sort these categories.

After the module is put on the page layout, the end user can search the FAQ data by selecting a certain category or inputting key word. The FAQ data list will be presented, which showing relative link information about the Question. Related answers will be outspread upon clicking the links. If the end user has the permission of edit, the link mark of edit will be shown after the question link.

If the end user has the permission of edit, he can add records by the Add FAQ link, or handle edit operation on relative records by clicking the Edit link mentioned above.

When clicking the link of Add FAQ, there comes the page layout of Edit Nova Glossary, showing the permission of inputting Question, TextBox of the Answer information, and the Checkbox of related Category information. Every piece of FAQ record here can belong to several Categories.

Similar with the other modules, we can add additional information to the Header Template and Footer Template part of the FAQ module by setting page layouts. The default value of templates is empty.


FAQ Module