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City Tax Locator Module

The City Tax Locator module is the DNN modules which is mainly used to help the end user search of relevant Tax Rate information in the state City. The data required in this module is imported to the system by specialized text file. In order to standardize the module to a greater extent, we also add import and export support to the XML data.


  • Supports importing data from text file or xml file.
  • Supports Exporting data to xml file.
  • Supports DNN Print with modalbox.

Nova City Tax Locator Module Downloads & Files: Source Code, DNN Installer


After the module is put on the page layout, the end user can search relative Tax Rate data by selecting the States and city and subsequently clicking the Go button, or directly inputting corresponding Local Code and subsequently clicking the Go button. The Tax Rate records mainly include Local Code, Country, Local Rate, School Rate, Withholding Rate, and Resident/Non-Resident information.

If the end user has the permission of edit, he can upload the local data file in certain format to the server by clicking the Upload Data link.

Upon clicking the link of Upload Data, there comes the button comprising the Browse File function in the system. Click this button, then select relevant data file, and click the Upload File button aside. While uploading the file, the system will present a page layout showing the upload process and the total amount the uploading record. Please note that the data in the original database will be cleared out during the upload process and those new records will be re-inserted.

Meanwhile the system also has some functions similar with the import and export function on the XML data of some modules. The data can be exported to the Root directory or Templates directory, and data can also be imported from corresponding xml files in these directories to the database.

Similar with the other modules, we can add additional information to the Header Template and Footer Template part of the FAQ module by setting page layouts. The default value of templates is empty.


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