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Case Study: POS System for a Fitness Club


  • Rapidly complete with high quality in a very tight deadline
  • An agile project development process
  • Build a whole POS system that includes management module and touch screen terminal module

The client

  • Based in Netherlands, the client has been developing creative and practical software solution for many years. They have successfully developed international markets in Europe with their products.

What they wanted

  • The client was looking for a vendor who can provide high quality product with experienced developers to meet a short deadline. The target product should have all functionalities of popular POS systems in the fitness market. And the system would be working fine with all required devices (e.g. receipt / barcode / card printer, cash drawer, etc.) and the vendor should understand and implement all requirements and functionalities quickly.


  • A tight deadline was our biggest challenge, since our client had promised to install the final product to end-user side in that timeline. And time was the key factor that could impact on everywhere of this project.
  • Our client could not provide any specs or documents that contained details for the expected functionalities, the descriptions of these functionalities and features only included several simple sentences, then it's not easy for our developers to understand the entire functions.
  • In the whole development process, we often figured out more impressive features and better ways to implement and some places needed to refactor, but the reality was we were running out of time.

Solutions and results

  • We had to do things more agilely which meant eliminated some waste and faster communications and decisions. On the other hand our developers had to work overtime to finish these implementations in time.
  • Skype and Teamviewer were used frequently to discuss the requirements(expected behaviors) and demonstrate initial implemented functions to gather early feedback about user experience / usability things and system behaviors / logics whether if they match with things in client's mind. Besides our tamiliarity with controls(DevExpress, Mindfusion) and XPO techniques helped us a lot, worked out changes rapidly with a proper solution and save some time.
  • We chose an agile way to manage these things which were new necessary features and places needed to improve. Only picked up some of them for this urgent version based on its value for our client and the end user via discussed with client, which is very similar with Scrum's backlog item. It's necessary step to match the final deadline.

Benefits to the Client

  • Due to proactive and timely communications, the development process has been under control and the product was successfully published with a high quality before the deadline.
  • The client gained more clients and successfully increased the market share with the attractive application.
  • Comparing with local development company, the client saved 60% on development cost.

Screen Shots


Technology required

Development methodology

.NET Platform

.NET Framework provides a comprehensive and consistent programming model with a common set of APIs spanning Microsoft platform. Our developers who have years of experience effectively built the application based on latest proven best practices in .NET platform.

DevExpress XPO

XPO builds a powerful bridge between the true object world and relational databases. It gives us the freedom to build true business objects without having to deal with the tedious complexities of mapping them to database tables. With XPO, we never again have to deal with table mapping - all we need to do is to define persistent object classes, and XPO will generate our database for them automatically.

We have some of their own feelings and experiences, please view XPO Development Guide

DevExpress Controls

DevExpress provides lots of useful and beautiful controls with easily using. That makes us work out many gorgeous and powerful features very quickly, and save more time for other important things of whole development process.

Mindfusion Controls

MindFusion.Diagramming is a general-purpose software component that can be used to display various types of diagrams and charts, in many different formats. It is implemented as a .NET control and can be easily integrated into any application targeting Microsoft .NET platform. By providing your software with ready-to-use capabilities for visualizing and editing relational data, MindFusion.Diagramming saves you from hundreds of hours of coding and debugging efforts.

Regular automatically log off the system

Implements the IMessageFilter interface and use the AddMessageFilter method in the Application class, listener keyboard and mouse events, then implements automatically logoff system.

DevExpress SchedulerControl

The SchedulerControl is the main control of the XtraScheduler suite. This control which is used to implement interactions between end-users and the scheduling application. The main purpose of this control is to show the schedule data represented via appointments on a form using one of the possible data views. Also, the Scheduler Control enables the end-users to create, edit and delete appointments, and perform other actions to schedule their timetables.