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To learn more about our service and technical capabilities, please find our case studies that span nearly every industry and various kinds of project experiences:

Loyalty Web Program Development with DNN Technology

The client’s purpose is to set up an in-between points system between public consumers and a number of businesses who have partnership with their company.The consumers benefit from the product with rapid accumulation points and the businesses benefit from it with advertising themselves. Read More

Real-time data refresh system

A US based company engaged Nova to develop a product for wind farm power production analysis. This app also will show real-time wind speed and generation information from around the wind farms in ERCOT to enhance hourly scheduling for utilities, energy traders, and asset managers. Read More

A precision marketing product

Based in US, the client has been perfecting the art and science of precision marketing for over 15 years. They are one of these precision marketing leaders in United States and possess more than 130 business customers across America. Read More

Integrated Release Management project

Client for this software product is an Austrian based IT company. The goal of this project is to provide a minimal framework that implements all the necessary processes required for Configuration Management and Release Management, integrates and uses the existing software applications which are already presented and in use at the client side. Read More

Gaming Backend Management System

A gaming backend management system that based on the EAV database design. Read More

Custom ASP.NET CMS Product

The client was looking for a stable team to develop a commercial CMS. This CMS was upgraded from an existing system. The upgraded version is intended to be more flexible and extensible than the original version. Starting from a week of free trial, now our cooperation has entered into the second year. Read More

Web Development with Sitefinity

The customer is a professional network service provider, who wishes to develop an e-business service website. He provided us with some business data tables, storyboards and some basic design (PSD format). We did sufficient analysis on those given materials, and implemented the relative business logic and UI, and integrated into a Sitefinity CMS website. Read More

Mall Marketing Management System

The client of this software product is a Canada-based IT company. The aim of this project is to build a MVC3 mall marketing management platform based on Telerik’s MVC components. Read More

Affiliate System

A Canada customer wanted an affiliate system which will be integrated to the completed main site to constitute an endless promotion network, every user on the network can view their location and his subordinate network Read More

Company Website based on Sitefinity

An Australian company wants to integrate all current online services and applications into a new website with easy to use functionality. Read More

Courses Tracking And Management System

Drivers may lose their driving license due to dunk or other reasons. They have to go through a serial of courses before they get their driving licenses back. This application is mainly used by the teachers and staffs of a company. The staffs manage the drivers, courses, teachers, invoices, and communications among them. The teachers see what they need to teach, and write drivers’ performances in class. Finally the company sends a report on the driver’s courses to the government. And the government decides whether the drivers can get their driving licenses back. Read More

Store Management Windows 8 Application

As customers shop distributed over the country, the client needs a mobile application to manage stores, merchandise, customers, orders, and audit, and finally synchronize data to a central database. Read More