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Case Study: Hotel Management project


A company wants to create one hotel management system, and using PhoneGap packaged the client to run on mobile devices, and there is one administrative site using the nodejs.


  • Rapidly and high quality development in a certain timeline
  • An agile project development for a frequently changed requirement
  • Positive advice for design and implantation solution


Technology required

  • Backbone
  • Require js
  • Underscore
  • WebSQL
  • jQuery
  • The coupling degree between widgets and page layouts were greatly decreased, and the code became tidy and logical enough for easier modification and maintenance.
  • After a period of cooperation, the client turned to have more trust in us, listen to our opinions, and even allocate more work to us.
  • In the co-operation, we sent the client detailed work daily and summed up weekly to inform the clients the schedule to eliminate the clients' insecurity. Meanwhile we paid attention to the quality of the code through testing all the codes before submitting to the clients to reassure the clients of the quality. We had completed all the tasks assigned to us on time in high quality and the team even did some improvements themselves. The client had a relatively high level of satisfaction with the team's work.

Benefits to the Client

  • The rewritten tidy and well-organized code has greatly enhanced the expansibility, stability and maintainability of the application.
  • We have helped the client with the front-end process so that he could focus on business rules.
  • We have helped our client reduce their development cost dramatically.
  • It is much easier for the client to reconstruct, release, download, and deploy their existing version, which is very helpful to improve their work efficiency and quality.

Screen shots