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Business model

Nova strive to create the maximum value for our clients. Based on our rich experience in software outsourcing industry, we have refined three business models. You could find the model which best meets your outsourcing strategy or let us suggest one for you, so to optimize your ROI.

Business Model Target Audience Feature
Long-term contract Suitable for extending in-house development team or set up an new offshore development centre.
  • Lower cost from long-term perspective
  • Support Agile better
  • free QA support
Fixed bid Suitable for small projects or for large projects when the scope, schedules and requirements of the project are specifically defined.
  • Controlled timeline and cost
Time & Material Suitable for short-term yet flexible projects or maintenance stage of product development.
  • Extreme flexibility
  • work by hour

Comparison Diagram

Business model Comparison

Feel free to contact us and discuss which model perfectly fit in your outsourcing strategy.