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Nova Project Management System

Based on advanced management theory and 10 years’ experience with various projects, Nova now presents this All-In-One Stop solution integrated with process approval, planning management, project management, reporting analysis and decision-making system. Available on both PC and mobile app, Nova Project Management System brings you the most professional project management experience.

Open Source

You could obtain the whole open source after you have purchased the software. And, you can modify our source code and redistribute the modified libraries. As is widely recognized/known, Open Source is absolutely beneficial for your business because of its Security, Customizability and affordable Cost, etc.

It is for you

Nova Project Management System is especially suitable for various project-driven industries such as real-estate, construction, advertising and manufacturing. It covers project tracking, goal update, staff coordination, resource management, change approval, HR costing, revenue analysis and document management.

How we do it

Combining our mature framework and customization development, Nova can provide customized product based on the characteristics of different industries. This way the cost will be at least 50% lower than pure customization development while you can enjoy the bespoke software that perfectly meets your distinctive needs.

Functional Highlights

Real-time progress updating and sharing

The system updates the overall progress of projects in real time, according to the actual completed task nodes.

Mobile Officing

With the App user can track the project progress anytime and anywhere.

Change Approval

Changes always go beyond plans. When a task-change occurs after the plan-release, this task-change needs to go through the predefined approval process of the system step by step. Only after this process, will the plan-change come into force.

Change Tracking

The system can keep the project participant up-to-date on the project progress as well as if any deviation from the plan.


When tasks are about to expire, the system can send pre-warning according to the pre-set time. The pre-warning will be sent via app push notification, SMS, Message etc.

Non-functional Highlights

Advanced structure

Built on B/S structure, this system is compatible with all mainstream browsers.

Group management and control

Data centralized management and information synchronous sharing.

Fast customization

Nova has a pool of 80 software engineers, who makes quick development and quick deployment much easier.

Function List

Project Overview

  • Display one or more projects’ status via line chart
  • redefine the start date and end date, then search the project’s status during this time
  • Pick the filtering options, user can check the progress of one or more projects of one period

Planning Management

Project planning User can add, edit and delete "project"
Status of project progress and relative responsible etc. are discerned easily.
User can import an original project planning and edit it.
User with different authority can only see his/her project tasks after the project planning released.
My Tasks Display the tasks and projects the user participates in
User can edit task status, task time etc.
When user edits time of task completion, system will judge whether the user is postponing the task time.
The system intelligently generates alerts, when there is application for task delay.
Display filtered tasks with the custom filter box.
My Applications View the approval status for the "deferral application"
Can cancel the application
My Approval View the "deferral application" to approve and the related "Note"
Can "approve" or "reject" the application.
Application status updates to "approved" or "rejected" with the operation,
My Notice Be informed with the update of the released task;
The associated roles are allocated as Project Manager, Participant, Coordinator and Announcer;
Plan Alarm User can set the time point for each alarm. When the task meets that time point, the system will send alarm to the user.

Daily Task

Project Conference It is for conference record, tracking the records for the same topics of each conference for the project;
Can view multiple records of project conference by visiting list page;
Can create project conference, just by selecting the meeting agenda pre-defined and implemented in the basic data.
Can re-edit the conference agenda.
Other Task Monitor and track the status for each single task;
Create new single task, and allocate the Project Manager, Active Participant and other roles for the task.
Active Participant can edit the task status.

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