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Nova Software is a Gold Solution Partner of Kentico CMS. Kentico is a content management system (CMS) for ASP.NET, and provides a robust, flexible solution for creating a variety of websites and web applications of any size. Kentico's Content Management System has helped create over 18,000 websites, and as a registered partner of Kentico's Partner program , Nova Software leverages the unrivaled CMS to rapidly create dynamic sites with minimal coding.

Our Advantages

  • Nova Software is a Kentico Gold Certified Partner who finished serveral Kentico CMS websites and use Kentico on a regular basis.
  • Nova Software also is the Kentico Localization Partner. Nova Software translates Kentico CMS to Chinese and helps Kentico users from China get their favourite software translated to their mother tongue.
  • Nova Software is the Kentico CMS expert. Nova Software has the Kentico certified developer.
  • Rapid web development with Kentico built-in features.

Our Services

  • Create Kentico Master page/Themes, page template based on image or HTML.
  • Custom Kentico web widget/extension development.
  • Offer websites/web application development, online portals launching development and integrate development with other sites.
  • Mobile development using Kentico CMS

Our Price

We provide cost-effective service to clients. The sheet below is intended to give you an idea of the standard cost range for each module:
Level Capability Description Suitability Hourly Rate
Junior Developer Have solid knowledge of OOP and good coding habit but lack of field experience in complex and large projects,can take on simple and repetitive work like simple website construction using CMS tools,needs to be guided. Simple Kentico Master page/Themes, page template development, create HTML Pages etc. $10~$12
Intermediate developer with 1~2 year's experience Same capability description with junior developer, but have 1+ year of work experience and can work more independently. Various Kentico Master page/Themes, page template development, static and create html pages, simple Widget & Designer development $12-$14
Intermediate developer with 2~3 year's experience Independently work on module-level tasks, participate in ordinary project,can communicate with clients via email, need guidance when working on senior tasks Custom Kentico web widget/extension development $15-$17
Intermediate developer with 3~5 year's experience Independently take charge of simple project, participate in complicated project under guidance, can communicate with clients via email or IM tools, can guide lower level developers Complex widget & module, ordinary Kentico website, Ecommerce, Email Campaigns, small enterprise application $18-$21
Senior developer with 5~10 year's experience Project leader, have excellent requirements comprehension and communicating skills,can design the architecture of ordinary-sized or complex projects,can guide a scale of development team with 5+ members Independently take charge of most projects in Nova, enterprise application $22-$30

10% DISCOUNT FOR WEBSITE LISENCE: As we are one of the Kentico Partners, you will get the price 10% discount for the Kentico website license.